Homemade desserts are always delightful. They brings back happy feelings of childhood. Our pallet responds the flavours and aromas instinctively. For every occasion there are different desserts and sweets prepared across the country. The sheer variety that we have, the colors, textures, all so diverse and yet so familiar.

So what's on your plate?

Nothing is more deep-rooted into our Indian hearts and taste buds than the classic yet delectable Badaam Halwa. It is a crowd pleaser at weddings and other formal functions. It is a simple sweet confection or dense chewy dessert prepared from crushed almond paste. Badam ka halwa has its own unique taste and chewy texture. We share with you the recipe to make this marvel for your next party.


This dessert works wonderfully well with some Malai on top or vanilla ice cream. Or you can refrigerate it before serving it

Instructions :

1) We start with heating the ghee on a slow flame

2) Then we add powdered almonds to the ghee

3) Make sure you stir continuously until the mixture turn brown

4) At this point we add milk slowly while stirring

5) Next, we add sugar and cook it

6) Keep an eye on the mixture and wait for it to thicken

7) Then we add the mawa and cook for a while more

8) The ghee should slowly leave onto the sides and leave the Halwa dry

9) Finally spread the halva on a serving dish

10) Garnish the dish with chopped nuts and silver warq