Got a sweet tooth? Do you crave for a dessert after a meal, but do not want to indulge into eating something unhealthy? Then, this recipe is just for you! Eat fresh for a healthy dessert or pack for healthy snacking during the day, its texture and taste will keep you wanting more.

So what's on your plate?

Light on your stomach, a digestive and at the same time, a treat for your taste buds. This naturally sweetened fruit yogurt tastes quite rich with the flavours of fruit enhanced by natural sweetness of dates and prunes. Will keep you wanting for more.


Chopped strawberries and bananas work well with the yogurt. Diced mangoes would be a great treat in the summers. Some additional nuts like pistachios and walnuts give more nutritional benefit. Hung yoghurt will make it more luscious and creamy.

Instructions :

1) Just chop some prunes, sticky dates and chikoo, 3 prunes, 3 dates and 3 small chikoo for 2 servings

2) Mix with 200 gm of fresh yogurt and a handful of chopped Rostaa almonds, and other nuts of your choice

3) No additional sweetening is required

4) Serve in small mini bowls or cocktail glasses to have as dessert